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With a tradition of more than 75 years in the production of herbal medicines in our company compound, we began early to discover the secrets of nature and to extract medicinal plants from the medicinal plants which are essential for the efficacy of the extracts. The production of plant extracts with the same quality at the highest level - that is our goal and aspiration


ElNour provides their customers with the best quality of Products from all over the world. In co-operation with our growers, we do more than our most to supply on a daily basis as fresh as possible. We handle a very high level of quality and are constantly improving the quality of our products and services.
To maintain the quality during the shipment, packaging is very important. We wrap pallets with frost carton to protect the products from dust and fluctuations in temperature, when needed. All sensitive products like berries can be packed with icepacks and cool foly in order to keep the temperature as low as possible.


Our Quality department has an important task within our company. With moving more than 600 different items per week thru our distribution centre, quality inspection is our first priorities; when the goods enter or leave our warehouse. Our quality department staff is well trained in handling and inspection of fresh Products as well as on Food Safety. Food safety is the main priority. Therefore we test our products Regularly for residues levels. We work only with growers/suppliers who are at least Global Gap.


With imports from nearly all continents and extensive network of Egyption growers we can ensure our customers have a complete assortment throughout the year. ElNour exports Herbs and Seeds to customers around the world. Through our overseas desk we deliver our Products to almost any destination in the world, whether it is by boat, by truck or by air. Due to many years of experience in cross trades and thanks to our worldwide network of producers we are able to ship our Products anytime, anywhere.

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