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Offers and services of our company

Company Profile

With a tradition of more than 75 years in the production of herbal medicines in our company network, we have already ...


Customer Services

On request, we provide expert advice for all questions concerning the plant, the plant extract, the fresh plant preparation and the phytopharmaceutical.



With many scientific publications, the staff of our company have developed the foundations to clarify the ingredients and effects of medicinal plants...


Quality Control

Our Quality department has an important task within our company. With moving more than 600 different items per week thru our distribution centre, quality inspection is our first priorities; when the goods entrance and leave our warehouse.


Our most important product

El Nour Establishment for Export

Freshly export Herbs,seeds and spices to customers around the world. Through our overseas desk we deliver our Products to almost any destination in the world, whether it is by boat, by truck or by air. Due to many years of experience in cross trades and thanks to our worldwide network of producers we are able to ship our Products anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Haitham